2010 Wrap Up

2010 Wrap Up

Well here we are at the end of another year busy year. Time to reflect. I started the year off MDing the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala. This year we inducted Rush. Alex Lifeson is a good friend of mine, and it was great to see them recognized as songwriters. People don’t realize that songwriting is the hard part, and it’s very gratifying to see your songs, your babies, celebrated. Then the guys asked me to arrange the music for the opening short film for their Time Machine Tour 2010.  That was a blast….polka and disco versions of Spirit of Radio….sung by Geddy himself. What a sweet guy, and very funny.

Then i scored the CTV feature documentary “The Pig Farm“. Detailing the capture of infamous serial killer Willie Pickton. This year I provided all the original music for both the Genie and the Gemini Awards, Canada’s Oscars and Emmys, respectively. The summer was spent producing and arranging a new CD for my old friend David Clayton-Thomas (BS&T). The CD is entitled “Soul Ballads“, and Clayton sings the s**t out of classic soul songs.

I wrapped the year up with Season 2 of The Ron James Show on CBC. I love Ron, Lynn the producer, and the show. It’s a blast to work on, and a great group of people. Fingers crossed for Season 3.

December finds me finally working on my own CD. 30 years in the biz, and I’ve never done my own record of original songs. I’m very excited about this, and hope it will be out by February. Look for “Welcome to the Boogaloo Lounge“.

See you in 2011.