The Hot Hot Summer

Sorry it’s been a while since i’ve checked in. Lots of changes. We moved back to Toronto after living in the country for 9 years. It’s great to be back! The new studio at Richmond and Spadina is almost done. I’ve partnered with well known engineer/producer Jeff Wolpert to build this studio in the heart of Downtown Toronto.

Lots of exciting things happening: just started work on the new Michael Buble CD in Vancouver. The last Buble CD i worked on, Crazy Love, sold 7 million copies! And they say there’s no record business left. Always great to work with Bob Rock and the whole gang. Also just about to start on Season 4 of The Ron James Show for CBC. And I’m busy writing and producing music for the new Rush tour film, Clockwork Angels. Always very funny stuff. Please go to Watch on my site and have a look at the film for the last tour we did, Time Machine.

I promise to check in very soon again. Lots going on………