“Lou, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the outstanding arrangement you came up with for “How About You?” for Michael Buble’s performance at the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame show last Sunday. Michael and I were not big “fans” of the song originally, but you took it to a new place and helped turn it into a good performance. It’s always a pleasure to work with extremely talented individuals. You are indeed in that league. Thank you.”

“My heartfelt thanks for the excellent work in presenting “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens” at the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. Of the over 80 Kramer-Whitney songs to reach the Hit Parade over the years “Chickens” was always a novelty song. It was often used by cover artists ot lighten the mix on an album or program, and, it was musically not one of my favorites. The treatment you and Emilie-Claire Barlow gave “Chickens” was by far my favorite arrangement, treatment and performance and changed my opinion of the number completely. Congratulations on a job well done.”
Doren Voeth – son of composer Alex Kramer “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens”

I just LOVE working with Lou. Talent, passion, verve, enthusiasm, determination and FLEXIBILITY brought us a wonderful theme for Take This House and Sell It!. Our conversation started with my telling him I didn’t want the music to sound like any other Lifestyle series and that I wanted a combination of Joni Mitchell and a very funky downbeat. He immediately got it and ploughed through a myriad of changes to come up with exactly what we wanted, and it’s GREAT!  I still can’t get over his incredible range and how he’s REALLY GOOD in all genres!”
Nikila Cole – Senior Producer, Take This House and Sell It!

“I have been lucky enough to produce and direct eighteen films but I don’t think I was ever as pleased and thrilled to hear a soundtrack with such beauty and resonance as our ‘Edison’ film for HBO Original Programming. My peer and friend Lou Pomanti has added his life’s work and his talent to Devine Entertainment’s vision of family filmmaking.  All I can say is I loved the ‘Edison’ soundtrack,  but wait until you hear ‘Degas’!!!”
David Devine – director, and president of Devine Entertainment

“Lou’s work is, quite simply, amazing. His music adds a wonderful layer to documentary storytelling. His talent and passion come through in every note.”
Christine Nielsen – Writer/Director ‘Turning Points in History:The Somalia Affair’

“I wanted the score for TYLER’S BARREL to have that carnival atmosphere of Niagara Falls while at the same time capture the realism and misfortune of our main subject. Lou delivered  so much more than I was looking for. His music revealed the subtleties of our characters and deepened the story arc of TYLER’S BARREL.”
Matt Gallagher – Director “Tyler’s Barrel” a TVO documentary

“When Mark (Winemaker,producer) and I met to choose a composer we actually blurted Lou’s name out at the same time. We are both familiar with Lou and his work. I’ve been looking for the perfect project to use Lou and THE HEIST is it.”
Ron Proulx – RPI Productions, music supervisor on the A&E movie ‘The Heist’, starring Donald Sutherland

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